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Ambulance for Tribal Area

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Apr 29
Ambulance has been arranged upon urgent request from Tehsildar of Wada (District Palghar) Thanks to the prompt support received from “Making a Difference Foundation” a project coordinated by Keshav Srushti Gram Vikas YojanaDr. Uddhav kadam Glad to share some major decisions taken 1 Our Ecco Van henceforth will be utilized as dedicated Covid19 Ambulance for next 3 months. Supporting Frontline in a way we can. 2 We are starting Covid19 counselling center at Swapna Srushti

Project Shakti

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Feb 28
Menstrual Health and Hygiene project has taken huge step forward…. Today two Sanitary Pads Vending Machines were installed at Vikramgad High School, more than 600 girls studying will be getting advantage of it.. Even they have been encourage to take to for other female members at home too… Teachers have been empowered to conduct regular awareness campaign with the help of Mrunali Bhoir, teachers of the school also has taken up responsibility of monitoring the

MAD’s Newtronic Science Tech Hub and Marathi Vignyan Parishad conducted Science Exhibition

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Dec 30
Super excited to share that Newtronic Science Tech Hub conducted Science Exhibition, for the benefit of students of Vikramgad, Exhibition was conducted by Super Amazing team of Scientist and Teacher from Marathi Vignyan Parishad, you can see smile on students face which says it all, it was eye opener not only students for us also… It was explained in very Lucid Marathi Language which was major booster for students to understand. Marathi Vignyan Parishad has

Initiated Check Dam Project In Ojhar

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Dec 14
Today was a special day for us at MAD Foundation, as we extended support to farmers of Ojhar by initiating our Check Dam project. This is our third intervention in Ojhar and could sense the formation of good team combination of villagers and our volunteers. This will definitely help to increase the water table in the area but along with that will create multiple possibilities to advantage of Annadata farmers of Ojhar. The village has