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Oct 17
Navratri, a festival of Maa Ambe and dedicated to all women. Naari is always considered as a source of Shakti, Inspiration, Dedication and more. Project Shaktiસ્વસ્થ નાર સુખી પરિવારMenstrual Hygiene and HabitsMAD Foundation is taking on to install Sanitary pads vending machine, with Supply of pads for one year along with awareness campaign and Medical Gynecologist Camp for 75 villages of Vikramgad Jawahar-Mokhada and Wada Tribal Area, this will benefit 7500+ women and as a

स्वस्थ नार सुखी परिवार – “Project Shakti”- Menstrual hygiene and habits

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Oct 10
Dear Donors & Well wishers Greetings from MAD Foundation Hope you and your family are safe and healthy. We are happy to brief you about our new initiative स्वस्थ नार सुखी परिवार “Project Shakti”- Menstrual hygiene and habits. An initiative by MAD foundation in association with Keshavsrushti Gram Vikas Yojana. This project is in compliance with United Nations Sustainable development goal. This project is sponsored by CSR Initiative of Harris Brushes India PvtLtd and very

“Making A Difference Foundation is Guide Star India Certified NGO”

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Jul 08
MAD Foundation by joining GuideStar India, MAD Foundation demonstrates its commitment to being a transparent & accountable organization. Making A Difference Foundation is Guide Star India Certified NGO GuideStar India is India’s largest and most reliable NGO information repository. More than 1,400 of these organisations have undergone varying levels of due diligence forming India’s largest pool of certified NGOs. GuideStar India is an initiative of Civil Society Information Services India. CSIS India is a trust registered in India. View GuideStar profile at http://www.guidestarindia.org/Search.aspx?q=555