Sheth Shri Jaychanddas Shah Swapna Srushti

  • ♦   Newtronic skill development center
    ♦   Hostel for tribal childrens
    ♦   Science-tech hub
     Education and Infrastructure plays an important role in developing any rural area. But, we at M.A.D strongly believe that entrepreneurship & skills are equally significant for:

♦ Improving employability and livelihood opportunities
♦ Reducing poverty
♦ Enhancing productivity
Basic objective will be to shape the future by not only giving basic education but also imparting knowledge, attitude & skills in the following areas:
•   Refresher and vocational courses
•   Initial technical training
•   Life skills
•   Business skills
•   Women empowerment.

Behind this broader objective is intention of
•   Taking a stand for tribal people (adivasis) in the interior remote areas who live in poverty and face discrimination.
•   Reducing their hardships of improper transportation and long distance travel to school (10-12kms), kids have been deprived of basic education.
•   Improving productivity & providing security. Through healthy food, accomodation & best-in-class facilities for underprivileged & mal-nourished students.

“Sheth Shri Jaychanddas Shah Swapna Shrusti”: This complex comprises of three segments. The complex will have three major facilities for the habitats of tribal region. They are as follows

• Hostel for Tribal Children: M.A.D Foundation has established A Hostel for Tribal Children residing in the Tribal Village of Yashwant Nagar, Vikramgad – Palghar in Maharashtra, India. This Hostel is a significant part of ” Sheth Shri Jaychanddas Shah Swapna Shrusti” The Hostel will accommodate 150 Tribal Kids who will be provided with Empowerment Skills, Education and Nutrition. The ultimate intention for establishing this Hostel is that this Tribal People become capable, able and moreover achieve great heights in life and stand on their own

• Skill Development Center: Skill Development Center will also be available to all the villagers in the vicinity of 08 – 10 km of radius of Yashwantnagar, Vikramgarh – Palghar. Maharashtra India. This centre will uplift the life of the tribal people and will create a huge impact on socio economic fabric of the region. This children will be educated and practically taught various skills such as Electrician job, Plumbing, Farming, Welding to begin with in the first phase which will indeed support them to grow in their residing area.

• Science Tech Hub: Science Tech Hub will be a very powerful way of learning whatever theoretical studies in practical form. Science Tech Hub will be located at vicinity of 08 – 10 km of radius. In Science Laboratory, students are made to use the model practically and understand different scientific theories and concepts. It is also found that school science lab equipment and supplies make teaching and learning both easy for the teachers, as well as for the students respectively. Children develop interest in scientific research in science labs and are able to put wonderful efforts while performing. It will have 6 laboratory Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Robotics, Computer and e Learning. All Gram Panchayat and Zilla Parishad Schools students will be taking advantage of the same. Approximately 2000 students will benefit of this facility every month.