Vaastu Pujan of Sheth Shri Jaychanddas Shah Swapna Srushti

Swapna Shrusti Vaastu Pujan 29th September 2019

Vaastu Pujan of Sheth Shri Jaychanddas Shah Swapna Srushti, Vikramgarh, Palghar on 29th September is one of the most auspicious occasion for M.A.D. Foundation. Its one of the best moments as it gives a sense of CREATION of a strong foundation directed towards it’s objective of empowerment, education & livelihood.

Swapna Srushti is a SEED from which many families of Vikramgarh will grow for generations to come with Vanvasi students being the branches. The growth of our seed (Swapna Srushti) will facilitate the growth of its branches (students) & the plant (families) into a fully fledged and life giving tree (Vikramgarh).

Swapna Srushti is a place built by amalgamating dreams, hope, trust, relationships, affection, passion, and many more. Every piece of stone, the wood, the sand, the cement that has made up Swapna Srushti echoes the story of empowerment & development. The only decorative element needed for Swapna Srushti is the lovely smile full of life on the face of Vanvasi students.

The key of Swapna Srushti reinvigorates the charm in their life and regenerates the energy inside them to do things in the better way. A sense of newness coupled with a heart filled with hopes, changes the monotony in their life.

As we embark on this journey of change, empowerment & development, we took this opportunity of inauguration event to thank and appreciate each & every person associated (donars, volunteers, partners etc) with this initiative.