Initiated Check Dam Project In Ojhar

Today was a special day for us at MAD Foundation, as we extended support to farmers of Ojhar by initiating our Check Dam project. This is our third intervention in Ojhar and could sense the formation of good team combination of villagers and our volunteers.

This will definitely help to increase the water table in the area but along with that will create multiple possibilities to advantage of Annadata farmers of Ojhar.

The village has 165 homes and All the villagers joined Shramdaan by filling the cement bags with mud and create the check dam and we are happy to share that Check Dam was done by afternoon, purely result of their energy, enthusiasm and ownership of the project. “Now taking this to next level we intend to create many more check dams and ground level teams are formed to do feasibility and identify locations. Their only requirement is approximately 1000 empty bags of cement and participation of all by way of Shramdaan, Grateful to Jyoti Builders for their contribution in giving the bags and commitment to support further requirements too.

Intervention in Ojhar
▪️Cow based, Chemical free farming
▪️3 Check Dams
▪️ Menstrual Hygiene and Habits
▪️Vachanalaya (In process)

Once Check Dam was completed all the women of the village gathered and it was a turn of talking about Menstrual Hygiene and Habits. Mrunali (Coordinator, Swapna Srushti) explained to them in their local language about the importance of women’s health and hygiene. Initially they were bit hesitant and shy but by the end of session they opened up well and participated fully in interaction which was very good sign. At the end reusable Washable cloth pads were distributed to all.

This will have holistic growth of Village and Villagers.

Today we were absolutely touched with the simplicity of the village life, their smiling faces, happy with their situation and so generous, opening their homes and inviting us for lunch.

Let’s keep Spreading MADness..